Until  now, there has not been anywhere on the web where you can enter, store, and retrieve your Medical Health History.This website will organize your health information into the standard medical format. Sections include: Allergies, Medications and Supplements, Current Problem List, Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Social History, Vitals, Labs, EKG’s, and Last Wishes.

This format is familiar to all physicians and medical personnel. When presented to any nurse or physician, your information will be clear and easy to find. You will be able to easily edit and update this information and can print it out or save it to a pdf format. Mobile applications are forthcoming but this site adapts to any device.

quote“The greatest wealth is health.”
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See the examples below as to how your information is to be entered and presented. Once your data is entered, it can be saved to pdf format. It can then be carried on your smart phone, e-mailed, faxed, or carried on a jump drive. We have made every effort to assure your privacy but, once that information leaves our site, you are responsible for it’s security and your privacy. This site is hosted on a server that is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). The information is encrypted—make sure you can see the closed lock and green bar in the url line at the top of this web page to assure your security.

The examples below are in a ‘tabbed’ format at the top of the section. Click on the “Allergies” or “Medication” tab to see how it works.


See how easy it is to enter your Allergy List that can be stored on your mobile device.  Click on the ‘add’ button to insert an allergy or other intolerance. You can delete or edit the list whenever you’d like.

Allergy List:

# Agent Reaction Type Severity  
1 Zithromax Adverse reaction Moderate
2 Shellfish Rash Moderate
3 Clindamycin Intolerance Severe
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Medication List

In a similar fashion, you can add, edit, or delete to you Medication List.

Medication List:

# Med Dose Sig  
1 Lisinopril 40 mg one daily
2 HCTZ 25 mg One tablet each day
3 Crestor 40 mg One tablet daily
4 Aspirin 81 mg one daily
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If you’re ready to give it a try, you can start the registration process below. Once registered, you can go to the My Chart page where you can begin to enter your medical history. If you feel uncomfortable at first entering identifying information such as your address or phone number, you can enter false data such as “my home address” or “555-555-5555” for the phone number. Later, you can always go back and edit the data. I hope you enjoy the features of this site!

You can use either of the two buttons below which link to different pages. One allows you to enter the data in an “accordion” tabbed format and the other uses “side-tabs”. Let me know which one works best for you.

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